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From the Editor-in-Chief:
Happy Christmas & a Prosperous New Year!
Hi Reader,

Dan Schneider writes: "That Frank O'Connor is described as a realist in his work is very interesting--wrong, but interesting. This is because it says something about the tendency of modern readers to conflate banality with realism, even if the banality is clearly not realistic and exaggerated to the point of accidental stereotype, or intended caricature." My God! Collected Stories by Frank O'Connor, Death, Not a Redeemer by Hope Eghagha and The Collected Stories by William Trevor are highly rated books. But you think they are sacrosanct? They are not. You think they are infallible? You are wrong. In our daring and venomous  Book Reviews these masters are not spared our critical (surgical?) blade. It is audacious and, of course, authoritative.

* * *
The Big Conversation is with Jacinta McDevitt, an important and commanding female voice in contemporary Irish literature. Jacinta's award winning short story, Way to Go, Dad is also republished here with her kind permission. There are other well-crafted fiction like Beth by G. K. Wuori, Fishermen by Colin O'Sullivan, Jumping by Louis Malloy, The Coming Man by SeŠn Gallagher and The Sentencing of Madrigal Orpic by Tom Sheehan. There are also Eli S. Evans' amazing essay, Life Is Amazing I Hate You...
And quality poetry by Todd Swift, Heidi Garnett and Remi Raji.

* * * Best of Dublin Quarterly 2005: Editor's Choice. Here in the Dublin Quarterly we take pride in publishing the very best of fiction, essays, poetry and book reviews. So it was real tough getting around this, picking my very best of our best in 2005. But...here we go. Best fiction: Simon Maslin's Joseph's Pyramid for its head-on confrontation of man's existential ennui. Best Poetry: Moez Surani's Alley Dolle for its movement and music. And Best Essay: Eli S. Evans' Life Is Amazing I Hate You for its mordant wit...

* * *

Aha, it is Christmas season, remember? So I'll sign out with this:

To others, Christmas is a season for celebration,
But to the Dublin Quarterly, itís for appreciation:
To the good Lord for His grace and mercy;
And to you, for your patronage and loyalty.

Not in order of importance, this is our season prayer:
-May sickness and death see you and Passover.
-May you function without a struggle.
-May you not ask, but receive a bountiful.
-And may your ink never run dry or congeal.

Happy Christmas & a Prosperous New Year!

Peter Anny-Nzekwue
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